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We are looking for ambitious team members to join us in building and delivering the AI technologies of tomorrow. DeepOpinion is a fast-growing AI startup developing cutting-edge solutions to extract human opinions from language. Our technology helps our customers to drive growth by understanding and leveraging the opinions of the most important humans around them, their customers, employees and stakeholders.

We offer an open environment to apply and develop your skills in a strong and supportive team in the heart of Innsbruck. We expect you to share our global vision and wanting to have a real impact by solving important challenges. We work flexibly, fun and with a strong focus on delivering results.

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Technical Positions

Deep Learning / Machine Learning Engineer (full time)

Build, train and measure state-of-the-art deep learning pipelines, architectures and models to solve tough natural language processing challenges in an applied research environment. We encourage publishing, blogging and talks about your achievements.

Software Engineer (full time)

Build, test, measure, deploy and release production-grade software and APIs as well as the software stack around state-of-the-art deep learning pipelines in modern environments, e.g. Docker, Kubernetes. We encourage publishing, blogging and talks about your achievements.

Business Positions

Growth Manager (full time or internships, Innsbruck or Munich)

Drive growth by applying and rapidly developing your skills in customer & business development, sales, marketing and communication. Tell and promote our story to attract customers & partners all around the world. Remote work in global tech hotspots possible: Silicon Valley, London, Cambridge, Boston, New York, Singapore, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and others - tell us where you are located and how you can help.

Assistant to Founders (full time or internship, Innsbruck or Munich)

Work closely with the founder team to develop, execute and grow the business. Help manage projects and communication. Prepare concepts and strategies for various business areas. Learn and grow fast to take ownership of projects within weeks.

Help us Grow (full time or internships, Innsbruck or Munich)

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join our team. We would like to get to know YOU and explore how we can grow together. If we do not have your dream role open today, we would like to build it with you...

Human Resource Manager (full time, Innsbruck or Munich)

Acquire new talents as well as senior staff from all over the world for a fast-growing AI start-up. Involve yourself in actively planning, organizing and coordinating HR-related business processes. Create hiring channels for a sustainable recruiting process and prepare and conduct interviews with potential candidates. Attend conferences and other events to network with candidates and potential partners for hiring efforts and manage our talent needs.

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Please send your CV, motivational letter and explanation of how you can support our growth to: [email protected]