Decode Human Opinions into Actionable Insights

Our AI turns unstructured text into structured data, to transform user content into actionable insights and competitive advantages.

Send unstructured text to well-defined API

Retrieve fine-grained opinion data as structured JSON objects


Visualize and filter data to discover hidden insights, threats and opportunities.

Our AI turns unstructured text into structured opinion data. Our best in class aspect-based sentiment

analysis (ABSA) API enables your company to transform user-generated content into actionable insights

and competitive advantages. 

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Opinions can be collected from numerous sources of different kinds. We support you in finding an individual solution for your industry. Contact us to get further information on how aspect-based sentiment analysis can create a competitive advantage for your company.

Digitalization does not only change the way we communicate with each other, it also impacts the decisions we make. Every day people share valuable knowledge about their experiences online. Use this knowledge to make business decisions.

New forms of communication are omnipresent. Internal or external communication provides large amounts of qualitative data to improve products, services and processes. Analyze this data on a professional level and find hidden opportunities, strengths or weaknesses.

Press Articles and Surveys do not only provide important information about the industry, competitors or trends. They also offer data about consumers or employees and build the foundation for entrepreneurial decisions. Consolidate this foundation by creating a broader and more detailed pool of information.

Need help finding the right solution for your Company?

Get in touch with our experienced professionals to find an individual solution that creates competitive advantage in your industry.

Use our DeepOpinion AI to

Measure quality attributes and perceived quality of your products and services. Benchmark performance over time and against competitors. Aggregate, compare, filter and browse

results based on all the available metadata.


Build custom opinion-enabled solutions such as opinion-based search and comparison, new levels of personalization, target group insights, real-time Q&A or augmented writing.


Discover and analyze topic-based customer opinions to support customer-centric decisions and find hidden potential

throughout the organization.




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